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    The most important element in people's appearance is hair. Among the personal characteristics of each individual, one of the first things that comes to mind is the feature of their hair. A person's appearance can completely change with the change of hair.

    We are always with you to achieve your natural appearance. Today, just like yesterday, we carry out your hair, beard & moustache and eyebrow transplantation procedures in our health center with our expert staff and the latest technology, and we share your happiness.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the causes of hair loss?

      One of the most important reasons for hair loss is genetic characteristics. However, hair loss may also occur with advancing age, after traumatic injuries or as a result of various medical conditions. Whatever the reason, hair transplantation can be performed successfully in anyone who has sufficient hair follicles in the body. The transplantation method can be successfully applied not only to the scalp but also to hair loss in all areas of the body such as eyebrows, mustache or beard.

      To whom can hair transplantation be applied?

      It can be applied to all patients with male type hair loss. This type of hair loss manifests itself when the male hormone kills the cells that produce hair. The hair first becomes thinner, then stops growing, and eventually falls out. The solution to this is hair transplantation.

      Is there an age limit for hair transplantation?

      The decisive factor here is the type of shedding. If the skin is visible, the density in that area has dropped below fifty percent. The most effective treatment is hair transplantation.