After Hair Transplantation

Immediately After the Operation – First Night

A bandage will be applied to the donor area when leaving the hospital after the surgery. You need to wear a forehead band to prevent swelling after the operation. The crusting and slight redness that will occur in the transplanted area will disappear within 15 days. Swelling, itching and mild pain may occur after the surgery. In this case, it is possible to solve the problem with ice applications, softening lotions and, if necessary, mild symptom-relieving medications recommended by the doctor.

Patients are advised not to shower for the first two days after surgery, and after the two-day period has passed, they are advised to keep showering to a minimum and avoid applying any pressure to the scalp when washing.

1 Day

The day after the surgery, dressing is done in the clinic. After dressing, the bandage on the donor area is removed.

3 Days

Hair is washed as described with the prescribed special lotion and shampoo, avoiding irritation of the scalp and without damaging the hair follicles. Washing the hair helps heal the scalp and remove crusting.

Day 5-7

The transplanted hair becomes stronger and will not move when touched. However, it is necessary to avoid damaging or scratching the transplanted area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least a week after surgery. You can use a hat to protect your scalp without irritating it.

Day 15-30

Vision returns to normal after two to three weeks. Since the difference between the transplanted and existing hair will disappear, an appearance that will not be noticed that you have had a hair transplant will appear. Patients should continue to protect their scalp from direct sunlight exposure.

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