DHI Hair Transplantation

While some studies see the DHI technique as a new hair transplantation method, some scientific sources consider it not as a new technique but as a marketing tactic, and state that this application is a method of the FUE technique performed with an implanter.

How is Hair Transplantation Done with DHI Technique?

DHI technique can be explained as a method in which, unlike FUE, hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the area to be transplanted with an implanter without opening a channel. The Implanter/Choi needle, which has a very thin, cylindrical and sharp structure, is in the shape of a channel and the hair is driven along this channel and placed into the needle.

DHI Technique Stages: In the hair transplantation performed with the Cholimplanter pen, the hair follicles are carefully placed into the pen one by one, and after the assistants perform this process, they give the hair follicles to the specialist doctor for transplantation. The doctor also transplants the hair follicles at 40-45 degree angles, another point is that it should be done in accordance with the direction of the person's previous hair. After the angle and direction of the hair follicles placed in the Choi needle are determined, transplantation is performed with the pushing feature of the needle; In the operation, between 2 and 6 Choi pens and 15-16 Choi tips are used. The pen tips can be of different sizes, this is determined by the person's hair follicle and thickness structure. Choi hair transplantation method has different advantages and disadvantages than the FUE method.

Advantages of DHI Technique First, let's talk about the advantages stated by experts:

It performs the transplantation in a healthier way by minimizing the time the hair follicles remain outside the tissue. The survival rate of hair follicles is high. Since the incision area will be smaller, the risk of bleeding is minimized. With faster recovery after the operation, the person returns to daily life in a short time. In this technique, unshaven hair transplantation is easier. Disadvantages of DHI Technique The factors that we can mention as disadvantages compared to the FUE method are as follows:

In order to use and specialize in this method in the best way, the doctor and his team must go through a long training process. It is more costly compared to other methods. The person who will perform the transplant must be careful and in high condition. Transplanting in the hair area means that the transplantation area is very narrow. If you do not have enough experience, you may damage other hair follicles with the Choi tips while working in this narrow area. ZERO Painful Method in Hair Transplantation! With sedation performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, local anesthesia procedures are not even felt before hair transplantation, thus making hair transplantation more comfortable, painless and painless. Hair transplantation procedures are not a very painful procedure anyway, and are more comfortable for people with a fear of needles. The minimal amount of pain felt is reduced almost to zero with this method.

sedation; It is a state of sleep that can be individually adjusted, whose effect can be scaled, where all reflexes are protected with sedative drugs, and whose depth can be adjusted in a controlled manner.

Sedation is a method that can be used even in children and reduces the pain in hair transplantation to zero level. However, sedation may not be desired and this choice is left entirely to the individual.

Is Everyone Suitable for DHI/Choi Hair Transplantation? This method was first applied at Kyungpook University in Korea. According to the research results, it was concluded that not every patient is suitable for hair transplantation with the Choi pen.

This includes placing thin and curly hair follicles at the tip of the implanter and damaging them during transplantation. In subsequent studies, implanter pens were produced not only for Asian people with thick hair, but also for more general hair types. The implanter pen used today is between 0.64 mm and 1.0 mm.

Today, in the light of scientific and technological developments, operations can be performed safely with Choi tips.

That's why hair transplantation with Choi tips in specialized clinics provides effective, predictable, natural-looking hair.

Applied at Da Hair Transplant Hair Transplant Center; You can contact us to get more information and support about 'Hair Transplantation', which provides natural, successful and aesthetically pleasing results.

Note: Although these evaluations are not definitive, they will be made for general informational purposes to the patient. Diagnosis is not a substitute for diagnosis.

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