Hair Mesotherapy

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

This method ensures that the ingredients that nourish the hair follicles easily settle in the hair. With this method, hair loss can be treated, as well as thickening thinned hair, stopping hair loss, and making the hair more vibrant and shiny.

Mesotherapy is actually the way the product is administered, that is, injecting the product by reaching under the skin is called mesotherapy. We can divide the people who receive hair mesotherapy into two groups. Male or female pattern hair thinning (alopecia). The two situations are very different. Male pattern hair loss is a type of balding that starts from the temples and then goes to the back, almost usually resulting in hair transplantation. However, the situation is slightly different for women. Diseases that cause hormonal irregularities, menstrual problems, menopause, heavy stress, work schedule, etc. can easily cause hair problems in women. In this sense, hair mesotherapy can be applied to anyone who has such problems. Hair mesotherapy can be combined with hair transplantation or can be applied successfully alone. Hair mesotherapy can also be combined with dermapen-dermaroller; In fact, the effect can be increased by supporting laser mesotherapy or by combining all of these products as combined hair mesotherapy.

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