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Before Operation

Things to consider before a successful hair transplant operation:

Your health is important to us; Your general health condition must be good before hair transplantation. If you have an existing health problem, please inform us about your problems and the medications you use. If you have any health problems, tell your doctor and get his approval for the operation.

Medicines; After getting approval from your doctor, stop taking aspirin and similar blood thinners three days before the surgery due to the risk of increasing bleeding during the operation. Do not take any supplements such as vitamins at least two weeks before the surgery date.

Shave; It is not recommended for patients to have their hair cut before surgery.

One Day Before the Operation

Alcohol and Cigarette use; Be careful not to consume alcohol. Because they may interact with the drugs used in the surgery, quit alcohol and drugs at least one day before.

Smoking reduces blood flow to your scalp, which can narrow your veins and prevent the transplanted hair from growing. Therefore, be careful not to smoke. Do not smoke at least the day before the surgery and be careful not to smoke for a week after the operation.

Medicines; We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication the day before the operation.

Sleep; Adequate amount of sleep before the operation helps patients feel comfortable during the surgery and contributes to the recovery process.

Operation Day

Eating and drinking; Saying hello to the day with a rested sleep and starting with a light breakfast will replenish your energy. Consumption of coffee or caffeinated drinks should be avoided as they increase the risk of bleeding.

Personal hygiene; Before coming to the surgery, take a shower with normal shampoo and pay attention to your personal hygiene. Make sure that your scalp is clean and that no products other than normal shampoo are used.

What Should You Wear? ; It is recommended that you come to the operation with a button-down shirt or a wide-collared blouse. After the surgery, your clothing should be avoided from coming into contact with the transplanted area. The operation will take approximately six hours. This period may vary depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. That's why you need to choose an outfit that you are comfortable with. It is recommended that you remove accessory jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.

Companion; No companions are accepted for the surgery. Companions are accommodated in the waiting room. Be careful not to chew gum, talk too much, or use a mobile phone during the operation.

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