Post Operative Hair Washing

4 days after the hair transplantation surgery, the hair begins to be washed according to the instructions. Then, the hair is washed according to the instructions until the 10th day.

In fact, the first wash can be done in the clinic and then how to wash can be seen in practice.

When the washing procedure is completed according to the instructions, the crusts on the scalp will disappear and your appearance will completely return to normal.

STEP 1: Applying the Lotion Lotion helps regenerate skin cells, moisturizes the skin and softens the crusts formed on the scalp.

First week Donor Area (Area Where Hair Roots Are Taken)

The lotion is applied only to the donor area in the first week, covering the entire donor area with lotion and waiting for an hour.

Second week Donor Area and Transplanted Area

In the second week, it is applied to both the donor and the transplanted area and waited for an hour. However, depending on the direction of the hair in the transplanted area; Care should be taken to apply the lotion in the same direction as the direction of the hair and in a way that does not damage the transplanted roots.

STEP 2: Applying the Shampoo The application using a special medical shampoo ensures that the crusts on the scalp are shed and accelerates the healing process. Lotion application takes an hour and then washing can be done.

For application, take the prescribed medical shampoo between your hands and lather it. Apply the lathered shampoo to the extraction and transplantation areas by massaging it softly with your fingertips and wait for two to three minutes before rinsing off the shampoo foam.

STEP 3: Rinsing Be careful not to use pressurized water. Rinse your hair by pouring warm water into a bowl and running it slowly. It is important to rinse off the applied shampoo completely.

STEP 4: Drying In order not to damage the transplanted area, do not use a towel for two weeks, prefer to dry it only from a distance and with warm air.

Note: Although these evaluations are not definitive, they will be made for general informational purposes to the patient. Diagnosis is not a substitute for diagnosis.

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